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10 Ideas to Adopt a Refined and Natural Decor

10 Ideas to Adopt a Refined and Natural Decor

10 Ideas chic nature interiors to get inspired

An interior with a natural and refined decor is not a style per se. On the contrary, it is a mixture of influences with a certain course of action! Whether you’re more of a bohemian, Scandinavian, minimalist, exotic, modern or more rustic decor … Discover 10 decor ideas to adopt a chic nature decor!

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1. Macrame wall weaving

Macrame wall weaving

Treat yourself or make yourself a macramé wall weaving to give charm to a room and give relief to the walls. The advantage is that we can decline them in different colors and formats! Prefer neutral and clear tones for the most refined result!

2. Hanging plants

Hanging plants

What could be more logical than inviting Mother Nature into your interior to adopt a chic nature decor? Small, medium or large, do not be afraid to accumulate plants and succulents to give a breath of freshness and good humor in your interior. One thing is certain, we still love the aerial look of hanging plants!

3. A wicker chair

A wicker chair

The wicker armchair (rattan or any other vegetable fiber) is THE furniture to adopt if you want to decorate your interior in a cozy and natural way. Prefer a rocking chair for a relaxed spirit or a low model with clean lines for a more modern style.

4. A woolen plaid

A woolen plaid

Bed linen also must honor nature. Set your sights on a plaid and / or a woolen bed throw to bring comfort and softness from the living room to the bedroom. Use large stitches to give an even warmer touch…

5. A bamboo ladder

A bamboo ladder

To hang your towels in the bathroom, your clothes and accessories in the bedroom, your plaids and books in the living room or your tea towels in the kitchen… the decorative scale could not be more practical. Choose a bamboo model for a chic and exotic nature decor!

6. A jute rug

A jute rug

Once again, natural materials are in the spotlight! On the ground, the carpet is a size way to delimit the spaces and make a corner more convivial. Opt for a jute or hemp model, ecological materials that we love. Note that the larger the model, the more striking the effect!

7. Dried flowers

Dried flowers

For the touch of poetry and romance, dried flowers are in order! Pampas herbs, wheat, lavender, eucalyptus … Forget their outdated image, dried flowers are more trendy than ever in our interiors. To enhance them, use a demijohn or a large terracotta vase.

8. A raw wooden bench

A raw wooden bench

Create a natural and elegant relaxation corner in your interior thanks to a wooden bench decorated with soft cushions. We imagine it as well in an entry, in an office, to complete the seats of a dining area, in the living room or even outside!

9. A rattan basket as a pot holder

A rattan basket as a pot holder

Rather than buying a plastic planter, use a rattan basket! Not only is it changing, it’s more ecological, it’s also a material that perfectly enhances plants.

10. Wall baskets

Wall baskets

Give your wall decoration a boost by adopting decorative braided baskets. That’s good, the year 2020 is marked by the presence of African influences in the decoration trends. You will be spoiled for choice …

10 Ideas to Adopt a Refined and Natural Decor

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