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10 Tips to Put your Cupboards in Order

10 Tips to Put your Cupboards in Order

Are the drawers overflowing, the stacks collapsing, the hangers falling and the boxes overlapping? It is time to plan an emergency response. SOS closets, it’s here: to simplify your life, we have gathered the tips and tricks of storage pros to put (finally) order in our closets.

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1. We empty the cupboards

No need to wiggle, to organize cupboards , you have to sort, and to sort … you have to empty. We reserve a time slot, without children or deadlines, we put on a comfortable outfit, we launch a motivating playlist and we stick to it: everything must come out!

2. We gather everything that drags

Yes, the concept seems obvious. This does not prevent us, in general, to find shoes in T-shirts and sweaters among jeans, books in pencils and photos in DVDs. Simply because we are sometimes lazy to put them in the right place.

3. We sort by family

Everything is here ? Next step, we gather the contents of the cupboards by categories, in heaps: sweaters with sweaters, books with books, belts with belts, jewelry with jewelry… We could not find better to offer an overview. And we prefer to warn you, the size of the batteries obtained is often scary.

4. We eliminate the surpluses

Once the contents of the cupboards are out and sorted, nothing prevents us from seeing old worn out sweaters, tops that have not been worn for a year, or even more, damaged shoes … or CDs that we no longer listen to, cracked plates and old high school filing cabinets, for kitchen or office cupboards. Neither one nor two, we remove from the lot everything that no longer has its place in our precious closets.

5. We ask ourselves the right questions

Namely the famous questions of the Konmari method: the garment or the object makes us happy? Is it currently useful at the right size? Does the material, the style, the color suit our desires and our way of life? At the first “no”, bam. Recycling.

6. We arrange the interior of the cupboards

Nothing like big empty cupboards to keep the mess up! Putting the cupboards in order is also optimizing their storage with the right layout. Before filling them, we invest in accessories to optimize the space depending on the content to be stored: rods, drawer units, tie holder, scarf holder, belt holder, shoe rack, plate rack, shelves and trays turning …

7. We compartmentalize each space

Once the fittings have been chosen, we think of dividers to compartmentalize spaces, including the smallest. There are shelf dividers in width, half-shelves to add a floor in the height, drawer dividers for socks, jewelry, bras … Details, certainly, but that help us keep tidy cupboards longer.

8. We distribute the content

The heaviest content goes at the bottom of the cupboards, the lightest at the top; the one that is used most often should be the easiest to catch, the one that only has a one-time use may be less accessible. Clear ? Shoes at the bottom, hats at the top, seasonal clothing close at hand and ski suits at the bottom. Or casseroles at the bottom, plates in the middle, glasses at the top and griddle at the bottom, etc.

9. We think of the boxes

The boxes are perfect for organizing a cupboard, provided they are optimized: small objects or accessories are stored which tend to hang out, but which are not used too often in closed boxes to avoid dust. For more used accessories, we prefer boxes without lids: we will avoid leaving a scarf next to the box because we were too lazy to lift the lid … And if there are several, we label the boxes!

10. We give or we recycle

Putting your cupboards in order is basically a vacuum. No question of cluttering the garbage unnecessarily, however, an immense majority of the objects eliminated can be donated or recycled, unless they are out of use. Some may even bring back a small nest egg, sold on the appropriate sites: sale between individuals, sale of second-hand, empty dressing rooms, etc.

10 Tips to Put your Cupboards in Order

10 Tips to Put your Cupboards in Order

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