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13 Mistakes not to Make with Hanging Plants

13 Mistakes not to Make with Hanging Plants

Hanging plants in full health

Do you lack space to install plants in your interior? Follow the trend, bet on hanging plants! Of course, these must be particularly pampered, but there are also some mistakes to avoid! Small guide of the things not to do.

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1 / Choose the wrong plants to hang

No question of choosing discreet cacti or small plants to hang. We won’t see them from below. Rather, we adopt climbing plants that will fall nicely from the pot and create a nice atmosphere with their branches. We say yes to ivy, the chain of hearts, tillandsias, chlorophytum or even aromatic plants, for example.

13 mistakes not to make with hanging plants1

2 / Water too much

A watering abusive created a suffocation of the roots leading to the death of a houseplant, suspended or not. So we go with caution.

3 / Choose the wrong location

The hanging plants are mostly up in a kitchen or living room, but do not clutter the space, they are installed in places that will not adversely affect traffic, as over a piece of furniture or in the corner of a room , for example. They are fixed to the ceiling by choosing a small length of wire so as not to end up face to face with the pots!

4 / Choose an inappropriate exhibition

All plants have basic needs to meet. It is therefore necessary to be well informed about the condition of growth of a plant in its natural environment so as not to make a mistake when it is suspended. Some plants need full sun, others subdued light … It is considering to provide the light necessary to its hanging plant before buying, otherwise it will not last long in the air!

5 / Install your plant hanging behind a window in direct sunlight

Be careful not to place a hanging plant directly behind a window exposed to the midday sun … Especially if its accommodation is facing south! The magnifying glass effect caused by the glass on the sun’s rays could cause the foliage of the plant to burn out, causing sunburn or damage to the stems.

13 mistakes not to make with hanging plants2

6 / Water your hanging plant in the pot

If you water your plant while it is still hanging, the water will fall in cascade on the floor of its interior, because the water crosses the soil without really humidifying it at first. To water your hanging plant , you will prefer to carry your hanging plant in the sink or the bathtub to let it soak in a bottom of water before lifting the pot to let the water run out. It is only after that we can replace the hanging plant in its usual location … without fear that the soil will flood a few moments later!

7 / Water too little

With the exception of cacti which tolerate and appreciate forgetfulness of watering, the other plants need regular water supplies to develop properly.

8 / Choose the wrong pot

We don’t choose any pot! We prefer solid hanging pots … and trendy! The cotta flower pots terracotta are popular, as are planters wicker or other natural ways. There are also plastic, canvas, ceramic planters … For a successful plant decoration, we do not hesitate to have fun varying the sizes between small hanging pot and large hanging planter.

9 / Sprinkle with cold water

The water coming out of the tap is sometimes very cold, especially in winter! Its temperature then differs greatly from that of its heated interior; this may cause thermal shock to his hanging plant. We therefore, prefer watering with lukewarm water, quite simply.

10 / Install your hanging plant near a heat source

The air is very hot and dry near a radiator or a fireplace. If you install your hanging plant near one of these heat sources , it will not live very long …

11 / Water with hard or very chlorinated water

Some plants do not support limescale and chlorine. To avoid any problem, it is preferable to water your hanging plant with rainwater or bottled water.

12 / Install your hanging plant in an area of ​​drafts

Avoid placing your hanging plant in an entrance or any place where there are drafts. The air temperature could drop very quickly, especially in winter; which will displease his plant …

13 / Do not remove the dust from your hanging plant

The accumulated dust forms a film on the foliage of a plant. Its consequence is to block gas exchange and the plant’s photosynthesis process. We therefore think of regularly removing the dust on its hanging plant with a simple cloth soaked in water. We avoid polishing products.

13 Mistakes not to Make with Hanging Plants

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