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15 Decorative Gift Ideas to Offer to Plant Fans

15 Decorative Gift Ideas to Offer to Plant Fans

What gift should you give for a fan of plants, flowers and other plants?

For a birthday, a housewarming party, an invitation to dinner or simply to please, are you looking for a gift idea that would please your friend (e) fan of plants and co? What ultra green gift will be sure to delight him / her? Small non-exhaustive list with these 15 gift ideas.

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1 / A herbarium

A herbarium

Go pick up leaves and dried flowers on a walk and create a superb herbarium yourself. You can even personalize it by making, for example, a herbarium by forming the first letter of your friend’s first name.

2 / Pretty plant pots

Pretty plant pots

Because our plants deserve the best, we suggest that you offer your friend (e) a fan of plants pretty plant pots; you will be sure to please her!

3 / A beautiful suspension

A beautiful suspension

Your friend would like to have a hanging garden in his living room? Offer him a superb suspension to hang on the ceiling in order to put succulents or cacti (which do not require too much watering). He / she will be delighted!

4 / A carnivorous plant

A carnivorous plant

It is certain: your friend likes plants that feed fiercely, as if they were a little more alive (than the others). Think of the carnivorous plant as a gift!

5 / A pretty brass greenhouse

A pretty brass greenhouse

To sublimate and protect his plants, your friend will love being offered a pretty brass greenhouse!

6 / A wreath in dried flowers

A wreath in dried flowers

Does your friend like bohemian and romantic decorations? What if you offer him a wreath in dried flowers so that he / she hangs it on the wall or on a door? Make it yourself by following a tutorial on the net or have it done by a floral decorator.

7 / A ready to grow kit of aromatic herbs

A ready to grow kit of aromatic herbs

It is THE little gift that makes it easy to garden and grow basil, parsley and chives in your kitchen!

8 / A terrarium kit

A terrarium kit

Offer a little nature in a glass case with a nice kit to easily create a terrarium.

9 / an arty watering can

an arty watering can

Your friend is a gardening fan, vegetable gardener and co? There are pretty original and very decorative watering cans on the market that change from the simplistic khaki / plastic version! A sure idea to make him / her smile every time she / he uses it.

10 / A bouquet of flowers delivered to your home

A bouquet of flowers delivered to your home

Once a week, every two weeks or once a month, indirectly offer your friend a beautifully composed, beautifully wrapped bouquet of flowers, which will be delivered to their home. Guaranteed surprise!

11 / A succulent plant gift idea

A succulent plant

Does your friend like plants and the like, but don’t have a green thumb? Think of succulents, easy to maintain!

12 / A designer flowerpot

A designer flowerpot

Put flowers in an ultra design flowerpot and you will get an ultra contemporary and chic decor, and whatever you decide to place the pot! You will be assured of delighting your friend who weaves bouquets of flowers and so on!

13 / A floral art workshop

15 Decorative Gift Ideas to Offer to Plant Fans

It is in a small group and surrounded by a florist that your friend will learn how to make a terrarium, a pretty bouquet of dried flowers or another floral creation, if you offer them a floral art workshop to attend. .

14 / Beautiful gardening tools

Beautiful gardening tools

Gardening with tools as beautiful as practical, it is at the height of chic!

15 / A depolluting plant

A depolluting plant

The depolluting plant is the so green, so ecological, so 2020 gift idea! Do not forget to offer to ensure to please the lucky one (s) elected (e)!

15 Decorative Gift Ideas to Offer to Plant Fans

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