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20 DIY for Dad’s Birthday

20 DIY for Dad’s Birthday

This year, surprise him!

Dad’s birthday is approaching and you still don’t know what to give him? What if you gave her a gift rather than buying one like every year? A gift made by you will be so much more valuable to them! Here are 20 DIY for his birthday.

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1. A photo album

a photo album

First gift idea: a book of photos selected by you  tracing the moments spent with him. From your birth to today, choose around twenty photos and have them printed and then paste them in a blank album or take them directly on the internet.

2. A terrarium

A terrarium

The terrarium is a rather mixed gift. Thus, it is suitable for both your mom’s birthday and that of your dad. Make him a nice terrarium  and give him the day of his birthday!

3. A wool snood

A wool snood

If your dad likes to wear scarves during the winter, why not knit (if you haven’t already) and  knit something called a snood . Like a big turtleneck, this scarf will ensure a warm winter.

4. A keychain

A keychain

Another gift idea to make for his birthday: a nice keychain. To do this, get a ring, a small wooden board (kapla style) and a piece of leather, then  engrave a little sweet note . Love, daddy, papa, I love dad, his first name …

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5. A pocket for his glasses

A pocket for his glasses

If he wears glasses or for his sunglasses, why not make him a nice pocket to store them? Using foam, leather or any other material of your choice, make a nice case like the one above. One or two cuts, a few stitches with a sewing machine and voila!

6. Coasters


In cork, wood, foam or leather, make your dad personalized coasters . He will think of you every time he drinks his coffee, beer, wine or hot chocolate.

7. Magnets for the fridge

Magnets for the fridge

To hang your most beautiful designs, why not make small magnets to hang on your fridge as above? Leaves, hearts, circles or other shapes, make some magnets to embellish the fridge!

8. A CD of his favorite songs

A CD of his favorite songs

If your dad likes music, put  his favorite hits together  on one or more CDs. During his commutes to work or when you go on vacation, you will sing together his favorite songs loudly!

9. A handmade frame

A handmade frame

With your brothers and sisters, make a beautiful frame for them, then print a photo of yourself and slip it inside. Painting, collages, engravings … let your imagination run wild.

10. A cover for your phone

A cover for your phone

With mom, personalize a case for her phone . Paste the initials of the whole family, for example, so that he thinks of you all day.

11. A homemade cake

A homemade cake

A birthday without cake is not a birthday, is it? This year, we forget the local pastry chef and we put our hands in the dough to make your own birthday cake!

12. An apron

An apron

If he likes cooking, make him an apron! Get fabric and using a pattern, make him a nice apron. He will be happy to cook with his new apron made by his children.

13. A nice bookmark

A nice bookmark

If your dad loves to read, make a pretty bookmark for him. Using sheets of paper of several colors, glue and scissors, make him the most beautiful bookmark.

14. A personalized t-shirt

A personalized t-shirt

Another DIY for your dad’s birthday: a personalized t-shirt . You can buy a white t-shirt and draw or write him something or have him flock with a photo of his favorite music group or his favorite singer for example.

15. A mug to drink your coffee

A mug to drink your coffee

If he likes having his coffee in mugs, why not buy him a blank cup or two  and write sweet words to him  ? Every morning, he will think of you while drinking his coffee before leaving for work.

16. A leather strap

A leather strap

If men wear fewer bracelets than women, they still like to wear them. For example, make him a   simple leather bracelet using a piece of leather and a tie.

17. A nice birthday card

A nice birthday card

In addition to giving him a nice gift, make him a beautiful birthday card in relief. Glue, cut, color, paint … so that it is the most beautiful of the cards.

18. A pencil holder

A pencil holder

Another very simple idea: a jar for his pencils. If your dad often works at home and you noticed that he left his pencils lying around on his desk, make him a nice jar to put them away!

19. A protective cover for his computer

A protective cover for his computer

What could be better than receiving a protective cover for your computer from your children? And not just any cover, a cover made by you! In foam or leather for example, take the necessary measures to make him a new protection for his computer.

20. A bow tie or tie

A bow tie or tie

And finally, if you like to sew, think of the idea of ​​the bow tie or the tie. For special occasions or for work, he will be delighted to wear a bow tie or a tie made by his children.

20 DIY for Dad's Birthday

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