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7 CASACOR 2020 Ideas for Using a Decoration Board

7 CASACOR 2020 Ideas for Using a Decoration Board

7 CASACOR 2020 Ideas: – Frames are essential allies to revitalize any environment. Check out!

In recent years, paintings have become great allies in interior decoration. The so-called picture murals have been pumping through social networks, proving that the joker can revitalize any environment.

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The possibilities are endless: More vibrant colors give personality and take the space of the obvious, while more minimalist pieces add elegance to the décor. At CASACOR 2020, the innovative ways of thinking about the use of paintings were highlighted in 7 environments. Get inspired in the gallery!

1 – CASACOR Parana 2020. Living Pormade – Leo Shehtman.

37 CASACOR 2020 Ideas for Using a Decoration Board1

In its debut at CASACOR Parana, it presents a 72 m² environment to celebrate life and provoke the imagination. Dense shades and accentuated graphics shape the space, which has a lean color chart, with nuances between black and white. What is only broken by punctual pieces such as the sofa, the cushions and artwork. The starring role is in the wallpaper of aged drawers.

2 – CASACOR Santa Catarina | Florianopolis 2020. Gallery 3A

CASACOR Santa Catarina Florianópolis 2019. Gallery 3A

The concrete slab was exposed and the walls were finned with dark fiber blades. Neutral but nonetheless visually interesting, the space frames works of art by Pita Camargo, Marcos Bazzo and Mariana Prestes. Other walls that divide the galleries were lined with the Nomad wallpaper, developed by the professional.

3 – CASACOR Paraguay 2020. Conexiones: Galleries Art of Paraguay

CASACOR Paraguay 2019. Conexiones - Galleries Art del Paraguay

María Verónica Ayala y Viedma. The Paraguay Art Gallery Association starts from the Planeta Casa concept (sustainability, technology and affection), inserting the museum project within a current plan, capable of hosting versatile temporary exhibitions. CASACOR and ASGAPA’s bet is to generate a driving force for artistic exchange, in which the simplification of forms enhances the contemplation of works of art by renowned national artists and encourages the art market.

4 – CASACOR Santa Catarina | Florianopolis 2020. Albergo Suite

CASACOR Santa Catarina Florianopolis 2020

The architect had the New York lofts of the 1950s in mind. The idea was to create a populated factory with industrial elements, artwork, inscriptions on the walls and clever solutions for integrated spaces. Here, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room occupy the same span and each one takes the lead depending on the moment.

5 – CASACOR Holy Spirit Re.Canto 2020. (I Do)

CASACOR Holy Spirit Re.Canto 2019

Large, with 120 m², the space is an uncovered hiding place. The generous MDF panel shelf with reforestation woods features book niches and a wine cellar. In the furniture, some highlights are the Arthur Casas Ameba tables and the original Lafer leather armchair. The selection of works brings together creations by Raphael Bianco, José Bechara, Matias Mesquita, Adriana Eu, Thainan Castro, Fernando Augusto and Dionísio del Santo.

6 – CASACOR Holy Spirit 2020. Studio / Gallery

CASACOR Holy Spirit 2020 Studio Gallery

The artist Rodrigo Dutra carried out the project in partnership with interior designer Marina Brochieri, producing exclusive works that mix techniques and shapes, valuing the culture of Espírito Santo. The ambiance follows the same line and adds materials such as leather, wood, stone and other elements, in a link with national and international trends.

7 – CASACOR Sao Paulo 2020. Workshop Live

7 - CASACOR Sao Paulo 2020. Workshop Live

Highlighting the connection with art, the 130m² environment flows through a spatial mosaic of wood textures. On the walls, the material appears in its natural form and on the light oak floor. The ceramic and terracotta colors, side by side with various stone shades, contemporary design and artwork continue the proposed flow of the Atelier.

7 CASACOR 2020 Ideas for Using a Decoration Board

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