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7 Green Plants to have in Your Bedroom

7 Green Plants to have in Your Bedroom

What Depolluting Green Plants to adopt in the Bedroom?

Who says plants don’t belong in a room? Contrary to popular belief, some plants are not dangerous to our health when we live with them overnight. On the contrary, there are green plants which, in addition to cleaning the air from the inside, can promote sleep and fight against anxiety. Discover 8 green plants to adopt in the bedroom!

1. Aloe vera

To help purify the air in your bedroom, aloe vera is a great ally. Not only does it absorb formaldehyde (a pollutant that is easily found indoors via carpets, insulation foams, certain varnishes or glues, etc.), but it also filters out benzene (present in plastic paints and detergents ). Not to mention its ability to fight against electromagnetic waves and mites.

2. Lavender

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you the type that is stressed and anxious? Opt for lavender! This plant with a sweet summer scent, is reputed to fight against nervousness and insomnia. Indeed, many studies have shown that lavender helps lower heart rate and blood pressure. Say goodbye to restless nights and regain restful sleep by placing lavender pots near your windows!

3. Jasmine

Jasmine is said to be a natural sleeping pill. In the same way as lavender, jasmine would help improve sleep. It is even said that its smell can reduce anxiety and regain good humor upon waking. In all cases, it is a sweet and poetic plant that brings softness and femininity to the decor of the room.

4. Ivy

Excellent air purifier, ivy has the capacity to absorb carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, trichlorethylene and xylene … Suffice to say that it is one of the best sanitizing plants to adopt in its interior. And the advantage is that ivy does not require much maintenance!

5. The Spathiphyllum

Also called Moon flower, Spathiphyllum is a plant with multiple benefits. The latter filters harmful gases from the air and contributes to good regulation of the humidity in the room. Thus, it is ideal for people suffering from dry mucous membranes. It can also prevent the spread of germs and fight against allergies. In short, all the ingredients are there to find a place for it in your room…

6. The Gerbera

Similar to a large colored daisy, the Gerbera is as pretty as it is effective! Like many depolluting plants, it absorbs the bad components classified as carcinogenic, which are found in paints, plastics and even in clothing. And as if that were not enough, the Gerbera has the advantage of producing oxygen at night unlike most plants which emit more during the day.

7. Mint

It may seem surprising but even some aromatic herbs have their place in the bedroom! This is the case of mint which is recognized as an anti stress remedy. Beyond calming the nerves, it also has the capacity to relieve possible nausea and to cool the hot nights of summer…

7 Green Plants to have in Your Bedroom

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