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What Types of Coverings should you Choose for an Outdoor Car Park?

What Types of Coverings should you Choose for an Outdoor Car Park?

An elegant and passable outdoor car parking

To beautify and make practicable an outdoor parking aisle, it is often preferable to arrange it. To do this, there are many solutions. Gravel, bitumen, slabs, pebbles … Discover the possible coverings for an outdoor car park.

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Coatings for outdoor parking

The coating of an outdoor parking lot creates a comfortable, stable and elegant parking area in front of its housing. Regardless of the type of exterior coating chosen, it must be able to resist runoff, but also to extreme climatic conditions such as frost and drought.

Depending on the size of the accommodation and the number of lots, the outdoor parking area is more or less large. Free or numbered, with or without barrier, it is always on one level. Choosing a coating for your outdoor parking will depend on your budget, the desired standing, the surface to be covered and the expected longevity.

Coatings for outdoor parking

Types of coverings for outdoor parking

There are several coverings for landscaping an outdoor parking lot. We find, for example:

The gravel : Not expensive to purchase, they are suitable for the passage of cars and pedestrians, but less suitable for bikes and strollers. Permeable to water, they can be laid flat and not sloped (as other coatings require). However, they are not very practical for car maneuvers (hunting gravel after a skid) and maintenance of its driveway (difficult to clean fallen leaves).

The bitumen : It presents a good value. Although it is less aesthetic than other siding, it is easy to maintain. Some types of bitumen are colored, thus improving the appearance of the outdoor parking lot.

The concrete : It is often used for outdoor parking as it ensures rendering solid, consistent and easy to maintain. Its use is particularly recommended to facilitate the passage of cars and motorcycles. Modern in appearance, it can be smoothed or brushed. Brushed concrete is a smooth concrete that has ridges to increase the non-slip qualities of the coating. Attention, when the concrete is not porous, it is necessary that it is placed on a slope.

The tiles : It is a hard and clean exterior floor covering, design, very durable, which is easy to clean. Only downside: it is the most expensive of the coatings because of the basic cost of the tiles and the laying time.

The wood : To construct a parking lot, the wood is often offered as a lath or grating. It is a particularly warm and trendy coating. It is easy to install, but requires regular maintenance since it fears rain, moss and often the sun. Besides, unless it is well maintained, it can quickly discolor over time (it turns gray).

The cobblestones self blockers : These include thick stone that assemble them. These must be self-locking to obtain an exterior coating that is both stable and aesthetic. There are a wide variety of colors and shapes of pavers available to suit all styles. They are easy to set up, resistant and offer good value for money. However, they can darken over time and grasses can become embedded in the joints of pavers if they are poorly maintained.

The pebbles : Although the installation is longer and delicate than most other siding, shingles possible to obtain a very aesthetic and original result for driveway parking.

Types of coverings for outdoor parking

Preparation and finishing of the land before or after the installation of the coating for its outdoor parking

To cover an outdoor parking lot, the floor must be (re) leveled. An earthmoving phase, then a graveling phase are to be carried out before the soil receives the exterior covering. These stages of work are particularly delicate. They often require the help of a team of earthmoving professionals to be executed correctly.

Once the exterior siding is installed, it is possible that a series of finishes may be required. These can consist of installing curbs or low walls, gullies for the drainage of water or automating and adapting its entrance portico to the new covering if necessary. Again, it is advisable to call on professionals to carry out your project.

What Types of Coverings should you Choose for an Outdoor Car Park?

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