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Floor to Floor: Know Some Models and Necessary Care

Floor to Floor: Know Some Models and Necessary Care

Floor to Floor: Over time, the floors usually have a mark of use. As uncomfortable as they are, thinking about changing them often seems like a big problem, doesn’t it? This is because when considering the headaches that give reforms and just imagining the floor being broken, people usually give up on the idea and choose to leave everything as it is.

If you’ve done this or think like that, we’re here to show you a solution to this problem. The best option, serving both to avoid headaches and unnecessary expenses, is to put a new floor on top of the old one.

This type of “renovation” is becoming more and more popular, because in addition to reducing the time, dirt and expenses of a new construction of the floor, the end result is incredible!

With that in mind, we have prepared this content to show some types of floors that can be installed on top of others, in addition to presenting the necessary care so that you can carry out a work without headaches. Check out!

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Lay laminate flooring

The first model we will talk about here is the laminate floor!

This alternative is excellent to be placed on ceramics, screeds and carpets, making it unnecessary to remove the entire item from the place.

An important detail is that when installed on the carpet the laminate floor becomes an acoustic solution, reducing noise and improving the comfort of residents.

Laminate flooring is an excellent floor to floor alternative

  1. Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative that can be placed over ceramics, flooring and carpets. 

1. Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative that can be placed over ceramics, flooring and carpets.

The pottery

When we talk about ceramic floors it is important to understand that these models can be perfectly placed on other types of floors.

In addition to bringing a beautiful aspect, one of the greatest precautions to place this product over another is that the previous one is not made of wood.

This is because the heat change of the ceramic can cause the layer between the two to peel off. In addition, it is ideal to use an adhesive mortar created especially for this type of project, because in addition to greater adhesion, this product tends to dry much faster.

Apply the burnt cement

Here is an important detail about the burnt cement! It is important that the front floor is not completely smooth, as the mass will depend on a certain friction to be fixed.

The burnt cement brings a very rustic look to the place. By mixing different floors , the environment gains a modern and beautiful look!

Install extra thin porcelain

Much less thick than the other porcelain models, extra thin porcelain tiles are gaining more and more space.

In addition to the significantly smaller thickness, the model is also much lighter, requiring some care before it can be applied.

If the previous floor is in good condition, extra fine porcelain tiles can be applied with a special mortar making the process extremely quick and practical!

Apply resins

Have you heard of epoxy resin ? This is a solution that can completely change the look of your home, making it more beautiful and modern!

The care with its application is a little higher, because in addition to not being recommended to be installed on wooden floors, its application is indicated for places with less frequent contact with water, thus increasing the useful life of the product.

One of the biggest advantages is that the product finish makes it smooth and free of apparent joints.

Epoxy resin is a floor to floor alternative and can completely modify your environment

  1. Epoxy resin is a floor-to-floor alternative and can completely change your environment. 

2. Epoxy resin is a floor-to-floor alternative and can completely change your environment.

Use the wood

The wooden clubs are very elegant! In addition to matching any type of decoration, this floor model can also be installed on an existing floor.

For this, it is only necessary that the base is level, in addition to doing the necessary verification to know the final height of the new floor. This is because the wooden floor is thicker and because the height of the previous floor increases, the doors may need to be adapted and cut at the bottom.

Change the floor of your home without major problems!

As we have seen throughout this content, renovating the house does not have to be a big headache, nor should it be left aside for fear of possible inconvenience.

This is because the application of floor to floor has become increasingly popular!

Although it requires some care, when properly applied, the final result of the floor on floor is impressive. In many cases, work is cheaper, done faster and the guarantee of satisfaction is very high.

In this article, we show some floor to floor models that can be applied! Following proper care with the previous floor, your house will undergo a brief renovation and gain a new look without any major problems!

Floor to Floor: Know Some Models and Necessary Care

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