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How to Choose your Custom Sofa Cover in 2020?

How to Choose your Custom Sofa Cover in 2020?

For a well-protected sofa!

The sofa is a warm piece of furniture in which we enjoy spending time with family. Exactly, increase its lifespan and protect it with a suitable sofa cover! Come learn how to choose your custom sofa cover …

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1. What is the custom sofa cover for and what are the benefits?

What is the custom sofa cover for and what are the benefits

The sofa is a ubiquitous seat in interiors, it increases the comfort of the living room and gives the living room a warm and welcoming charm. It is a piece of furniture essential to housing that should be protected since it is often used. This is where the sofa cover comes in, it covers the seat with a protective layer and can be suitable for sofas and armchairs. This additional layer protects the sofa from traces, stains and wear and tear, that’s what makes it so!

As a second advantage, there is the aesthetic aspect … Indeed, you can install a sofa cover and an armchair cover to change the style of your seats.

Finally, the custom cover is a real asset since it adapts perfectly to your sofa, whatever its design, size and capacity. Thus, it sublimates it and seems to have been installed on it since always.

2. The different sofa covers available

The different sofa covers available

There are three types of covers for sofas available for sale:

The standard sofa cover: this is the classic sofa cover with standard measures;

The adjustable sofa cover: it is a stretchy or elastic cover with elastic bands, it can also have knots / knots and consist of a stretchy fabric to suit different types of sofas;

The custom-made sofa cover: it is custom-made according to the precise measurements of your sofa. It adapts to all shapes, sizes and number of seats. You can choose all of its finishes such as color, material or even seams.

When choosing sofa covers, you must take into account the composition of the sofa. The composition concerns the presence of an armrest or several armrests, the height of the backrest, the number of cushions, etc. After all, all the sofas are different …

3. Which custom cover for which sofa?

Which custom cover for which sofa

To choose your custom sofa cover, you must first choose a cover suitable for the size of your sofa and above all, for its number of seats. Here are the different shapes of sofas you can have:

– The armchair ;

– The classic sofa: it is necessary to adapt the cover to the number of seats;

– The convertible sofa: remember to specify that you have a sofa bed for the creation of the custom cover;

– The clic-clac sofa: you need a clic-clac cover ;

– The BZ sofa: the bz cover can also be made to measure;

– The corner sofa: she will ask for a larger budget.

 4. Choose the material of the custom cover for the sofa

Choose the material of the custom cover for the sofa

Have you chosen the tailor-made cover as a solution and do you know the size of your sofa? So, it is high time to choose the material of your future sofa cover. To help you, here is a list of materials suitable for this type of use:

– The cotton cover : warm and soft;

– The microfiber or polyester cover: the microfiber or polyester is simple to clean and resistant;

– The velvet cover: it is a bright, cozy and pleasant cover;

– The linen or hemp cover: it resists insects and mites, without forgetting that it is fresh and delicate;

– The PVC cover: it is resistant and available in a wide range of finishes, but remains of standard quality.

5. Define the finish of the sofa cover

Define the finish of the sofa cover

The cover for sofas or armchairs is an aesthetic protection that adapts to your decoration, even more when it is a custom cover ! Indeed, you have a wide range of choices on the side of finishes. You can choose a preformed or quilted sofa cover. You also have the possibility of defining the attachment system by choosing between quilts, a scratch or a snap closure. Certain treatments are available such as anti-mite or anti-stain. Not to mention the choice of colors…

6. Adapt the cover of the custom-made sofa to the decor

Adapt the cover of the custom-made sofa to the decor

The sofa cover is above all a practical household linen, this textile protects the sofa and makes it more aesthetically sustainable. Precisely, its decorative power should not be underestimated! The sofa cover must be able to adapt to the decoration of the room. This is why, you must carefully choose the colors. Light gray, taupe, anthracite, ocher, beige or brown are the most common colors, but you can choose a more vitamin color, that is the whole point of the sofa cover on -measurement.

To refine the decoration, be sure to keep a consistency between the different covers, the sofa and the armchairs must match. Then, you can increase the cozy aspect of the cover by embellishing it with plaid, throw on the sofa or cushions.

How to Choose your Custom Sofa Cover_

How to Choose your Custom Sofa Cover in 2020?

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