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How to Clean Makeup Brush: See the Main Care

How to Clean Makeup Brush: See the Main Care

How to Clean Makeup Brush? There is no perfect makeup without a good set of brushes. It’s the same way that you can’t do a killer make-up with dirty brushes, right?

Makeup brushes must always be clean, and that is not freshness. The cleaning of the brushes has a great influence on the health of your skin. Over time, makeup brushes accumulate particles and residues that can be harmful to the skin, and can even cause serious allergies.

In addition, poorly maintained brushes do not provide good results during makeup, as residues can even change the tone and texture of makeup. Who knows, maybe this is hindering the reach of your long dreamed make?

The brushes and sponges most used in daily life, such as foundation and blush, are the ones that need more care.

Therefore, we have selected in this post the best tips and tricks for cleaning makeup brushes. Will lose? (Oh, and don’t worry, you won’t ruin your brushes, okay?)

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Differences from natural bristles to synthetic bristles

When it comes to cleaning your brushes it makes all the difference whether they are made of natural or synthetic bristles. Although the final product is the same, the items need to be cleaned in different ways. For example, synthetic bristles, generally used to manufacture brushes for applying foundation, lipstick and concealer, can be easily cleaned with makeup remover. Natural bristle brushes, made for applying eyeshadow, blush and powder, need more delicate techniques.

You will always find someone saying that one bristle is better than the other, but if you really love the universe of makeup, our tip is to have both types to diversify styles and learn the benefits of each one. At the end, you will know which brand and which bristle best suits your day to day.

Techniques for cleaning makeup brushes

Ideally, you should always clean your makeup brushes right after use and before storing them. The same goes for sponges that need very similar care.

When cleaning, regardless of the product you have chosen to apply, it is important to rub the bristles of the brushes back and forth lightly and very gently. This prevents the bristles from getting tangled and sticking together.

You don’t need to wash your brushes every time you use them, okay? Every 15 to 20 days is ideal. But you can sanitize them after each use, how do you do that? Gently brushing the bristles of the brushes in a makeup remover. After cleaning, leave them in an airy place to dry.

At the time of heavy cleaning, the beauty market gives a boost. There are several products for sale that offer solutions for deep cleaning of the brushes, but we will list some techniques that you can apply at home, with simple and easy to find ingredients.

Clean makeup brushes with neutral shampoo

the best way to keep your brushes clean and soft bristles is with neutral shampoo or baby shampoo. The neutral and gentle formulation made to protect the baby’s skin, ends up also becoming a great cleaning option for your makeup brushes, especially if they are made of natural bristles.

When washing the brushes, wet the bristles well and put a little shampoo on them. In the palm of the hand, rub lightly, making circular movements. Finally, rinse under running water.

Clean makeup brushes with liquid soap

liquid soap is very suitable for cleaning brushes, especially synthetic bristles. Sponges can also be washed with liquid soap. Give preference, however, to neutral and glycerin soaps.

In the case of the sponge, you can apply the liquid soap with running water and squeeze, until all the residues leave the product. The same goes for the brushes, but don’t forget to rub them in the palm of your hand during the wash and remove the excess soap under running water.

Clean makeup brushes with baby wipes

This technique is only valid for brushes that are superficially dirty because they will not guarantee the hygiene that washing with neutral shampoo, for example, will perform. To clean, just wrap the bristles in the wet wipe and pull until the brush is clean. Remember to do all of this very delicately so as not to tear off the bristles.

Clean makeup brushes with makeup remover

This is a more suitable process for brushes with synthetic bristles, as natural bristles need greater care. To clean, just apply the makeup remover by the bristles, spread and let it act for 20 minutes. Finally, rinse with running water.

Clean makeup brushes with alcohol

let’s start by pointing out that it is not any alcohol that is suitable for cleaning your brushes. In this case, you will need isopropyl alcohol and even then it should only be used as a last resort, since alcohol dries out the bristles, regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic. Use a spray bottle to apply on the bristles and let it dry naturally.

Clean makeup brushes with sanitizing solution

you will find in perfumeries and specialized makeup stores, exclusive products for cleaning brushes, sponges and other makeup materials. Just follow the application instructions for each product, spraying and removing the excess with a damp cloth.

How to dry makeup brushes properly

Knowing how to dry your makeup brushes is just as important as washing them properly. Never use hair dryers or let them dry in the sun, as these options dry out the bristles and shorten the life of the brushes. Choose a dry and airy place and place them on a clean towel or a piece of paper towel. Another tip is to always put the brushes to dry down, preventing water from returning to the cables.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have listed some step by step videos to help you clean your brushes.

How to store makeup brushes

How to store makeup brushes

There is a series of special cares for you to take better care of your brushes, but among the most important is taking care of yourself. Avoid using other people’s makeup, brushes and sponges as the risk of transmitting contagious diseases, such as herpes, skin infections and even conjunctivitis is always possible.

If you work with makeup, it is essential to take this care of cleaning the brushes so as not to run the risk of contaminating your clients.

Always check the expiration date of the products you are using, because expired products can damage the quality of the brushes, in addition to causing severe skin allergies, since substances that fight bacteria in makeup and cosmetic products end up losing their effectiveness with the pass the validity.

Never and never twist the bristles of your makeup brushes. This can cause them to come off the base.

Avoid leaving your brushes in damp places, like bathrooms for example. This favors the breeding of bacteria that can harm the skin. It is also important to keep them in places protected from dust and pollution, thus avoiding that, in contact with the skin, they generate allergies.

Another important tip is to keep your brushes stored in a jar with the bristles facing up. This prevents the bristles from deforming or denting.

What do you think of giving your makeup brushes a try and guaranteeing a stunning look? You can even test those ideas that famous bloggers never tire of posting.

How to Clean Makeup Brush: See the Main Care

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