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How to Optimize a Bathroom?

How to Optimize a Bathroom?

5 tips to save space in a powder room

A powder room is a bathroom. But unlike a bathroom, it consists of a shower and not a bathtub. Generally small, the bathroom is often found in studios and apartments or as an extra bathroom in family homes. How to optimize a bathroom to save space? The answer in 5 points.

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1. Install a sliding door

Swap your traditional door against a sliding door to open your bathroom. It is one of the most effective solutions for saving square meters in your mini bathroom. By entering inside the partition or through a rail system, this type of door frees up space and allows better circulation in the room. And the advantage is that the sliding door can also prove to be a decorative element in its own right. We imagine for example an old wooden door on iron rails for a vintage style as we like!

Install a sliding door

2. Bet on a walk-in shower

A bathroom automatically consists of a shower at the expense of a bathtub. To gain even more space, the walk-in shower is a natural choice. Composed of a simple transparent wall, it gives the impression of a larger space and lets light circulate freely in the room. And in addition, it has the advantage of being suitable for the whole family: children, parents and the elderly! For the smallest budget, know that it is possible to install a walk-in shower without having to renovate everything by simply installing a flat receiver!

Bet on a walk-in shower

3. Play on the pitch

If you don’t have a lot of space in your powder room, you will have to use your imagination to create storage spaces. The easiest way is to play on the height and make the most of the walls. For this, think of the wall niches and multiply the shelves. Complete with small baskets for organized storage. In all cases, we recommend that you choose shallow shelves so as not to weigh down the room and keep a certain visual harmony.

4. Choose small furniture for bathroom

It is not easy to furnish a bathroom when you lack space! The ideal is to opt for small furniture with clean lines. You can choose a hanging model to give an airy and modern side to the room. For convenience, we recommend choosing a cabinet with drawers rather than hinged doors. You can also choose a countertop basin to free up the space under the sink! Once again, choose shallow furniture to save space. Believe us, sometimes a few centimeters are enough to make all the difference.

Choose small furniture

5. Visually enlarge the space

Nothing like a room bathed in light to give the feeling of space! In your bathroom, if you do not have a natural light source, you can always install a light duct to benefit from it. Treat artificial lighting with a main source and auxiliary lighting, particularly around the mirror. Add a large mirror to reflect natural light as much as possible and visually enlarge the space.

How to Optimize a Bathroom?

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