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How to Organize Home Office: 13 Essential Tips for you to Follow

How to Organize Home Office: 13 Essential Tips for you to Follow

How to Organize Home Office: An organized home office is the most important thing you can do for your professional life. The organization helps you to have a more productive, creative, focused and, consequently, less stressful routine.

And if you are one of those lucky ones who can enjoy all the advantages of a home office job, continue on this post with us. We will give you important tips on how to organize home office and, thus, make the most of this type of work that grows every day. Check out:

How to organize home office

How to Organize Home Office - 13 Essential Tips for you to Follow

1. A good place

Home office work is not synonymous with working lying in bed in pajamas all day. Get that idea out of your head, after all it is not because you are working at home that you are going to do it anywhere (and anyway).

Therefore, establish a place in the house to receive the home office. It can be a room of its own just for this function, as it can also be a reserved space in the living room, bedroom or even outside the house. The important thing is to define this location.

A good place home office

2. Ideal light

Also assess whether the location you plan to set up your home office has adequate light and ventilation. The working environment needs to be well ventilated and very well lit, preferably by natural light. So, if you can, prioritize your home office in a space near the window or some other opening.

And even with natural lighting, do not leave out artificial lighting. White light is brighter and suitable for work environments. Also have a support light close to you that can come from a table lamp or suspended from the ceiling. See How to Organize Home Office

2. Ideal light home office

3. Comfort and ergonomics

The organization of the home office also includes comfort and ergonomics. Invest in a table of the right height for you and a comfortable chair. It is also worth having a footrest.

If a pillow on the back makes you more comfortable, have one too! Another tip is to invest in a table with drawers that help to make the environment more organized.

3. Comfort and ergonomics office

4. Daily routine

Establish a daily routine for your home office work and include space organization among the tasks.

Take a moment of the day to store papers that are not in use, return books to the shelf and collect the trash, for example.

The important thing is to leave the home office organized for the next day. After all, let’s agree that it is very bad to start the day in a messy environment and with everything out of place.

4. Daily routine home office

5. Everything in its place

Have in your home office baskets and organizing boxes, folders, trinkets and whatever else you need to organize your work material by type and category. Place important papers that you move every day in an easily accessible folder, while those that you hardly use, keep in boxes, label and put in a place that does not disturb your routine.

The same goes for books, notebooks, diaries and office supplies. Do your best to keep everything in place.

5. Everything in its place office

6. Decoration

Yes, home office decor is important. After all, that’s where you’ll spend most of your time. And the big difference in the decoration of a home office is that you have the freedom to insert the objects you want and that best match your personality.

Use the colors you like best, but remember to keep your balance and choose shades that reinforce and favor the work environment. The light and soft colors are unanimous, but nothing prevents a more lively and lively touch, just don’t overdo it.

It is also worth hanging pictures on the wall, using plants, a beautiful and cozy rug, as well as a cool curtain that will even help to keep the excess light, if necessary.

Shelves and niches help keep the home office organized and are a hand in the wheel for small spaces, since they free the floor from unnecessary objects and furniture. Take advantage of the walls to hang a wall of notes, a calendar and other things that can help in your work routine.

6. Home Office Decoration

7. Cleaning

Finally, your home office will only be organized if it is clean. So always have a cloth nearby to dust the furniture and, at least once a week, vacuum and wipe the floor. Remember to clean your computer and notebook screen as well. To finish, spray a perfumed spray in the environment, it will help you to be more serene and peaceful.

Cleaning home office

Tips for working at home office

In addition to the organization, some other tips contribute to the better development of work in the home office, as well as the ones we have separated below:

Tips for working at home office

8. Have schedules

One of the great advantages of home office work is the flexibility of schedules. You define what time it enters, what time it leaves and how long it will take for lunch. It turns out that if these hours become too flexible, you run the serious risk of seeing your productivity plummet.

So be disciplined and stick to schedules like you’re inside a company. That way you also avoid having to work until dawn to meet that deadline that is already in the nick of time.

Among those times, take some time to get up, go to the bathroom, drink water, talk to someone in the house and pet the pet, for example. But don’t let that rest time go too long, okay? Remember to go back in the sequence.

9. Ensure minimal structure

To have a good income and productivity you will need to invest in basic items to guarantee the structure of your home office. Among these indispensable items we can mention a comfortable chair, a table, a good computer capable of meeting the demands of your work and a great internet connection.

This is the minimum of the minimum to work in comfort, without going through problems and guaranteeing productivity.

10. Eat well

One of the negative aspects of working from home office is the tendency to overeat, all the time and everything to see ahead. Be careful with that! In addition to harming your health, it can also interfere with your attention span and focus.

Fill your refrigerator with healthy options and always have fruit at your disposal. Also try to make lunch boxes for the week, so you don’t have to worry about cooking every day. But if that is not possible for you, then consider contracting daily delivery of lunchbox with a restaurant or snack bar.

Another important thing is to establish times for food. Start the day with a hearty breakfast and avoid “pinching” goodies while you work, this hinders your productive capacity.

Determine lunch time and try to comply strictly, except in the event of an unforeseen event.

11. Don’t mix things up

Home office workers know that it is often difficult to establish a clear boundary between home and work tasks. With that, you can end up getting lost and mixing things up. So, nothing about wanting to wash clothes and work at the same time, for example.

Also, avoid leaving the house to resolve personal matters, such as going to the supermarket or bank.

Remember that you are on working hours, leave this and other activities for when the hours are over.

It is also important to reinforce this information with family and friends. The people around you need to understand that it is not because you are at home that you are available to do activities that go beyond your job.

Have a serious conversation and set limits. The same goes for answering phone calls and answering messages that are not related to your work. How to Organize Home Office

11. Don't mix things up office

12. Change from time to time

Home office work can get a little tiring and distressing after a while, because you no longer get in direct contact with other people and barely go out on the street.

So it is worth changing the work schedule from time to time. Take the computer to the garden, for example, and try to work from there.

Another alternative is to do the job from a cafe. This helps to relax a little, see people and breathe new air.

13. Sleep well

We could not finish this post without first talking about the importance of sleeping well. Home office work can get you into a trap if you’re not careful. That’s because if you don’t get organized and set limits and times, the chance of extending your work until dawn is very big. How to Organize Home Office

And this attitude is, little by little, exhausting his physical and mental capacity. So avoid working late at night or spending the night on a project at all costs.

Anyway, after all these tips on how to organize the home office for sure your professional life will be much more productive and interesting. Now just go there and put it all into practice today! What do you about How to Organize Home Office. How to Organize Home Office

How to Organize Home Office: 13 Essential Tips for you to Follow

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