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How to Remove Grease from Clothes: See the Easy Step by Step

How to Remove Grease from Clothes: See the Easy Step by Step

Greasy and sticky; this is how the grease stain appears on clothing. An unpleasant surprise and it looks like it will never leave there.

But, calm down, because it just looks!

With some recipes and homemade techniques you can easily grease clothes and leave them clean and perfect as before.

Want to find out what these miracle tricks are? Keep following the post we tell you.

How to remove grease from clothes: Tips and homemade recipes

Understand the type of grease stain

Before deciding which technique to use to grease your clothes, it is important to understand what type of stain you are dealing with.

Fresh, fresh stains are easier to remove. So the sooner you notice the stain and remove it the better.

It is also important to pay attention to the type and color of the fabric that is stained. More noble and delicate fabrics call for less abrasive products. The same care applies to colored clothing, as certain products can cause stains and fade the color of the fabric.

Another tip: before carrying out any procedure, observe the clothing label. Some fabrics, for example, cannot be washed with hot water.

Paper towel and talc

If the grease stain on your clothes is still fresh and wet, do the following: place a piece of paper towel in front and another on the back of the fabric and compress the stain. The idea here is that the paper can absorb the excess fat from the grease.

Then, apply talcum powder on the stain, on the right and wrong side of the fabric. Wait for about 30 minutes. During this time, the talc will absorb the rest of the grease moisture and oil.

If you don’t have talc at home, you can substitute cornstarch (the popular Maisena) or salt.

Then, just perform the normal washing process of the clothes, applying a little neutral and colorless detergent, in case you notice that the stain still persists in the place.

How to Remove Grease from Clothes - See the Easy Step by Step

Neutral detergent

The tip now is for those who did not notice the stain in time and it ended up drying on the fabric. In these cases, the fat ends up impregnating the fibers and becoming more resistant to washing. But that does not mean that the stain will never come out again.

The most practical, quick alternative that everyone has at home is detergent. Lightly wet the spot with a little water and then apply the detergent.

Prefer neutral and colorless detergent, as colored ones can stain clothes.

Then rub the spot. A good tip is to use an old toothbrush to facilitate removal.

If you notice that the stain is resistant to the cleaning process, let it soak in the detergent for about 20 minutes.

After that time rinse with hot water.

Baking and Vinegar

The darling duo of housework could not be left out of this tutorial. Although they are not specific products for removing fat, both vinegar and bicarbonate can be combined in the fight against grease stain.

However, this recipe is more suitable for furniture, tapestry and other items that are difficult to wash, including shoes and bags.

So, write down the recipe: Prepare a mixture of 100 ml of white vinegar diluted in one liter of warm water. Add a tablespoon of baking soda and mix well. Place the liquid in a spray bottle and apply over the grease stain.

Let the mixture soak for a few minutes on the stain. Scrub with a toothbrush if necessary.

Remove the mixture with a clean, dry cloth.

Hot water

Hot water is a great grease remover, because it can break down fat molecules, allowing the stain to come out of the fabric more easily.

However, before using this technique make sure that the fabric in question can be washed with hot water (if in doubt, look at the label).

The step by step is very simple: put about a liter of water to a boil. In the meantime, provide a basin or other container to accommodate the fabric.

Leave the part with the stain wide open and facing upwards. Pour the hot water as high as you can, taking care not to splash it.

The force of the water falling on the fabric combined at high temperature is the great secret of this technique.

If you want to enhance the effect of hot water, drop a few drops of detergent on the stain before pouring the water.

Then wash your clothes as normal.

Stain remover

Another simple way to get the grease stain off your clothes is by using a stain remover, like Vanish, for example.

The tip also applies to concentrated liquid soap.

Apply a small amount of the remover or soap over the stain and wait for the indicated time of action of the product.

When in doubt, consult the packaging.

After soaking the clothes, rinse with hot water and wash as normal.

Important tip : Regardless of the type of technique you will use to remove the grease stain from the clothes, it is essential that you only put the piece to dry (either in the sun or in the dryer) after the stain is completely removed.

If any grease remains on the fabric and it dries again, it will be almost impossible to remove it.

So, if none of the above techniques work, our advice is that you take your clothes to a specialized laundry, ok?

But if you follow the step by step correctly, most likely the grease stain will come out on the first try.

How to Remove Grease from Clothes: See the Easy Step by Step

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