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Sofa Cleaning: Learn How to Make Homemade Mixtures and Practices

Sofa Cleaning: Learn How to Make Homemade Mixtures and Practices

Sofa Cleaning: Nothing like lying down and relaxing on the clean and sanitized sofa, isn’t it? But, for that, you need to know the best tricks to clean the sofa sporadically and keep it free from bacteria and odors.

Today you already find companies specializing in sofa cleaning, but truth be told: no one can always pay for the service. So, the solution is to learn how to clean the sofa at home, using super practical mixes and homemade recipes that deliver a good result.

To help you, today I will teach you how to clean the sofa, give tips on the best cleaning products and indications of surefire mixes. Check out!

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  1. Learn how to clean the sofa at home

1. Learn how to clean the sofa at home

How to clean a sofa

Before anything: know the material of your sofa. Some fabrics are more fragile and can be damaged by the use of more abrasive sofa cleaning products, such as bicarbonate.

So to prevent your sofa fabric from getting ugly and stained, check what type of fabric is to learn how to clean the sofa at home in the most efficient way. You can identify the fabric type of the sofa on its label, usually hidden under the furniture. There you also usually specify the types of cleaning products recommended for cleaning homemade sofa.

Clean sofa in the spotless living room

  1. Clean sofa in the living room impeccable

2. Clean sofa in the living room impeccable

The label usually uses the letters O, W, P and F to inform the types of sofa cleaning that are released for the fabric. Each has the following meaning:

  • O: The fabric can be washed with water;
  • W: Use only a damp cloth and specific sofa cleaning product;
  • P: Prefer dry tissue cleaning;
  • F: Perform cleaning only with professionals.

Check out some tips for cleaning homemade sofa according to each fabric:

Cleaning leather sofa or corino

Leather is a delicate fabric that needs more attention when cleaning it. The tip is to use a simple sofa cleaning mixture, with only water and neutral detergent. Then, wipe with a dry cloth and moisturize the fabric with liquid silicone with the help of a flannel every three months.

Cleaning suede and jacquard sofa

The best way to clean suede and jacquard sofas on a daily basis is to use only a neutral detergent and a soft bristle brush.

Cleaning of linen or velvet sofa

Make a sofa cleaning mixture made up of warm water with ¼ of white vinegar. Then, just pass on the sofa and let it dry naturally to eliminate bacteria and odors.

It is worth remembering that, for all furniture, it is essential to dust the sofa when cleaning the house. It is easier to keep it very clean on a daily basis.

Suede sofa cleaning

Cleaning suede sofa is practical and easy to do. Mix water and detergent to remove dirt from the sofa, but it is also worth using a brush to remove stains.

How to dry clean sofa

The most practical way to dry clean the sofa is with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Every time you go to vacuum the house, take the opportunity to eliminate the dust that usually accumulates in the corners of the sofa. It makes all the difference in everyday life.

Cleaning sofa for gray living room

  1. Sofa cleaning for gray living room

3. Sofa cleaning for gray living room

If the sofa has odors, you can dry clean the sofa with the help of baking soda. The trick to cleaning the sofa is very simple:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda all over the sofa;
  2. Leave on for 30 minutes to eliminate bacteria and odors;
  3. Vacuum all the baking soda. It gets easier!
  4. Okay, you just did a sofa dry cleaning at home.
  5. Sofa cleaning mix: Discover the best

If you don’t have the right sofa cleaning product, there are mixes that are great for cleaning the fabric according to your need. Check out 3 sofa cleaning mixes.

  1. Sofa cleaning for gourmet area

4. Sofa cleaning for gourmet area

Bicarbonate and Softener

If you need to remove the odor from your sofa, use the sofa cleaning mixture with baking soda and fabric softener.

  1. Mix 1 liter of water + ¼ of alcohol + 1 tablespoon of baking soda + ½ glass of vinegar + 1 spoon of fabric softener;
  2. Put the sofa cleaning mixture in the spray bottle;
  3. Splash the mixture on the sofa and rub with a dry cloth;
  4. Wait for it to dry before finishing the sofa cleaning!

Vinegar and warm water

As we indicated, the mixture for cleaning homemade sofa with vinegar and warm water is great for cleaning linen and velvet sofas.

  1. Mix one liter of warm water with ¼ of vinegar;
  2. Spray the mixture on the sofa to clean the sofa;
  3. Use a sponge to help remove stubborn stains from the fabric;
  4. Avoid abrasive brushes, they damage the fabric;
  5. Finish cleaning the sofa with a dry cloth.

Vinegar, baking soda and mild detergent

Did you stain the sofa? Then you can clean homemade sofa with white vinegar, baking soda and neutral detergent.

  1. Mix ½ glass of white vinegar + two teaspoons of baking soda and mild detergent;
  2. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and apply the sofa cleaner directly to the stain;
  3. Scrub the area with the help of a soft brush;
  4. Remove the excess with a damp cloth;
  5. Dry with a dry cloth to finish cleaning the sofa;

5. Cleaning a 2-seat sofa for a small room

5. Cleaning a 2-seat sofa for a small room

Remember: If the stain does not come out with the sofa clean, then hire a specialized company. Although the tips we give here are efficient for daily sofa cleaning, if your sofa needs a more “heavy” sofa cleaning, then don’t waste time and hire someone who understands the subject. It’s the best way to ensure your sofa is always clean and comfortable!

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Sofa Cleaning: Learn How to Make Homemade Mixtures and Practices

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