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SpongeBob Party: What to Serve, Tips and Characters!

SpongeBob Party: What to Serve, Tips and Characters!

Hey Jeff! What do you think of a SpongeBob party?

Yes, this little yellow creature in square pants and funny friends can be everything you need to create a fun, relaxed and colorful party.

Like the idea? Then come check out all the tips that we have separated and make yourself a SpongeBob party over there excited.

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SpongeBob Party: Characters

SpongeBob, as its name suggests, is a sea sponge. In real life, sea sponges are primitive and very simple beings (they have no muscles, no nervous system, no internal organs) and, therefore, do not move.

But in the picturesque design SpongeBob is quite different. There, sea sponges work and have real fun.

The drawing scene takes place in the city of Fenda do Bikini. In it, SpongeBob has a small and cozy pineapple-shaped house, shared with his best friend, Patrick, a plump starfish.

To earn a living, the square pants work at Siri Cascudo, a type of cafeteria, where he is responsible for frying hamburgers.

At least that’s what he tries to do. That’s because, SpongeBob spend most of the time in search of new adventures. Squidward say it!

We also have to mention the iconic character Siriguejo, a grumpy and greedy siri (or a crab?) Who only thinks about money and manages Siri Cascudo.

SpongeBob Party - characters

Spongebob Party Invitation

You can already see that the whole story of SpongeBob takes place inside the sea. Therefore, this is one of the themes that can be addressed in the invitation.

Make the list of the guests for the party and at least thirty days in advance start to distribute the invitations. You can choose to send online, through messaging apps, or traditionally, handing out invitations.

A good tip is to bet on the characters in the drawing to illustrate the invitation. Another option is to use the SpongeBob silhouette to shape the invitation. The same goes for the pineapple house or the character’s square pants.

The important thing is that the guests identify the theme immediately.

Spongebob Party Invitation

Sponge Bob Party Decoration

For a SpongeBob birthday party to be complete, some details cannot go unnoticed. Check out what they are:


The main color palette of the SpongeBob Party is blue (color that symbolizes the sea) and yellow (color of the main character).

But these are not and should not be the only colors of the party. The design in general is very colorful. Patrick, the starfish, is pink, Squidward is green, the pineapple house is orange and blue. That is, it is possible to explore other color combinations for the party. Think about it!

SpongeBob Party Colors

Table and panel

One of the main attractions of any party is the cake table and the panel. For the SpongeBob party the suggestion is to use cheerful colors, as suggested above, combined with the main characters of the drawing.

Other common elements of the seabed can also enter the table and panel decoration, such as fish, jellyfish and algae, for example.

Balloons and paper ornaments are excellent for those who want to create a cheap, beautiful and easy to do decoration. Want another idea? Use light and fluid fabrics, such as voil, so you create the illusion of being at the bottom of the sea.

When setting the table, make sure that the cake has all the prominence.

SpongeBob Party: What to Serve, Tips and Characters!


The cake cannot be missing! A good option for the SpongeBob party is the square cake, perfectly matching the shape of the main character.

However, nothing prevents you from betting (and very successfully) on the traditional round cake formats with floor. In that case, be sure to use a cake topper with the image of SpongeBob characters.

But if you want to surprise the guests, a good option is the pineapple cake. You don’t even have to say the flavor of the filling, do you?

As for the coverings, anything goes! Whipped cream, American paste or even a nakked cake.


Party over, time to distribute the souvenirs. Therefore, our suggestion for this moment is to invest in items that bring the fun of the party to the children’s home.

A good idea is to offer buckets to play in the sand or another type of souvenir that can be used on the beach, next to the sea, like a paddleball, a ball or a simple cap.

Another tip is to bet on painting kits, offering SpongeBob coloring pages, colored pencils and crayons.

SpongeBob Party Gifts

Menu: what to serve at the SpongeBob party

We couldn’t stop talking about the menu of the SpongeBob Party. As a rule, it is a children’s birthday party, so it is important to think about treats that please both the little ones and the adults. Write down the tips:


There are plenty of options for juice, soft drinks and even non-alcoholic drinks to make the party more colorful. It is also worth betting on yellow and blue juices to match the decor.

Enjoy and decorate the glasses with straws (reusable!) And SpongeBob characters.

SpongeBob Party Drinks


Who can resist a sweetie, right? At the SpongeBob party they can come in the form of cupcakes, cookies, chocolate-covered fruits, colorful jellies and traditional sweets such as brigadeiros and kisses.

Just don’t forget to decorate the sweets according to the theme of the party.

SpongeBob Party Sweets


If there’s one thing that goes with the SpongeBob party, it’s hamburger, after all, it’s by making this typical sandwich that the character makes his living. So be sure to include this option in the menu.

You can still bet on bread snacks in the shape of starfish. Sofas, snacks, mini pizzas, popcorn and even pickles are other good savory options on the menu.

SpongeBob Party: What to Serve, Tips and Characters!

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