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Focus on the Art & Crafts Trend

Focus on the Art & Crafts Trend

Art & Crafts Trend, A style that honors craftsmanship

You have surely noticed it, the craft industry knows a revival of interest for several seasons already. You only have to see the pages of decorative magazines or the windows of shops dedicated to the world of the house to notice. This trend has a name: the Art & Craft style that has been called Modern Craft since the start of the year. We tell you more about this trend that honors craft techniques from around the world!

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A trend that does not date from today!

The Art & Crafts trend is not new. She was born in England in the 1860s! At the time, the Channel was experiencing an important industrial revolution. To counter the movement, John Ruskin and William Morris decided to launch the Arts & Crafts art movement. It has one objective: to rehabilitate artisanal work and traditional techniques. It was during the Victorian era in the years between 1880 and 1910 that the trend developed and aroused all interest. It affects both large furniture with the work of cabinetmakers for example and decoration in general with the enhancement of tapestry, pottery or weaving and many more…

Decryption of Art & Craft style

Since then, crafts have led their way. But the Art & Crafts trend as it was thought, has been rising from the ashes for over a year. And the reasons for this new success are easy to understand. Ecological awareness requires, the decor turns more and more towards handmade. Trends are inspired by nature with natural materials and plant fibers. Minimalism becomes an art of living; we consume less and better. Objects and furniture that have a story to tell are privileged. And when they are imperfect, it’s even better … It makes them unique!

These are all reasons that have propelled craftsmanship to the forefront of the decor scene in recent months. The good news ? The Art & Crafts trend encourages local and sustainable purchases and favors short circuits. In the end, everyone wins!

How to adopt an Art & Crafts decoration in 2020?

To sum up, the Art & Crafts style is natural materials, simple and irregular lines and neutral and warm colors. In practice, we imagine a living room with a linen sofa, a carved wooden coffee table, a rattan armchair, wool cushions, a hand-woven carpet, a woven basket, a pottery, a paper lamp, a wall macramé … Do not hesitate to vary the textures to bring relief and to multiply the patterns for a successful mix and match. Choose colors inspired by nature and clay and earthy hues like terracota, ocher, sand…

What’s new in 2020? The Art & Crafts style is modernized in 2020 and adds a grain of salt for an even more elegant result! It is now even called Modern Craft. The principle is the same, but other raw materials are added, such as concrete, brass or terracotta. What give more character to this style which was not lacking already…

Focus on the Art & Crafts Trend

Focus on the Art & Crafts Trend

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