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Wall Decor – I Want an Original Wall Decoration!

Wall Decor – I Want an Original Wall Decoration!

8 Ideas to steal for a unique wall decor

Want to give your interior a boost without having to revamp everything? The best thing to do is to bet on your wall decoration. To help you find inspiration, we have found 8 interiors where the wall decor is out of the ordinary. From bikes to climbing walls, hats and baskets… Discover all of our ideas for adopting an original wall decoration.

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1. A bicycle

A bicycle

What could be more original than a bicycle to decorate the wall of a living room, bedroom, office or even an entrance? In addition to being super easy to set up, this decorative tip is also a way to save considerable storage space for small areas!

2. Baskets


This is a wall decoration that is out of the ordinary and that will cost you almost nothing. The idea is to hang a few vegetable fiber baskets to give volume and perspective to the walls. It works wonderfully in ethnic, bohemian and exotic style interiors.

3. A slate wall

A slate wall

How about bringing your walls to life by allowing the whole family to write a few notes on them? For this, nothing like a chalkboard wall thanks to the paint. Complete your to do lists, your calendar and your shopping lists with posters to give style to the whole.

4. A hat

A hat

Give your cozy nest a holiday feel by hanging your summer hats on the walls. Start with a hat and accumulate them as you go for a sunny wall gallery. And to perfect it all, don’t hesitate to hang some dried flowers. What bring freshness and good humor indoors all year!

5. A climbing wall

A climbing wall

Thrill seekers, this wall decoration is made for you! Take inspiration from this child’s room and install a climbing wall in your interior. In addition to attracting everyone’s attention, a climbing panel is a guarantee of special family moments! And we are sure of one thing: it will appeal to young and old alike…

6. A trompe l’oeil

A trompe l'oeil

Who said you absolutely had to hang something on the walls to decorate them? Give a slightly bland room a boost with a trompe l’oeil wallpaper let. We love this version of waxed concrete effect, enhanced by a golden mirror with imposing dimensions…

7. Baskets


With the emergence of the African trend on the forefront of the decor scene in 2020, wall baskets are more and more coveted. Baskets, braided dishes and other small baskets are thus hung on the walls. Enough to honor African craft techniques such as the Isangwa basketry of the Batonga women in Zimbabwe.

8. A hanging

A Hanging

Follower of bohemian universes, the wall hanging is the wall decoration you need! The advantage is that it is sufficient by itself to decorate a room but in addition, you are spoiled for choice in terms of colors and patterns. And to change the drapes, you can also use a beautiful hand-woven carpet (Berber carpet type) to hang on the wall.

Wall Decor - I Want an Original Wall Decoration!

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