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Zoom on … The Trend of Wired Lights

Zoom on … The Trend of Wired Lights

Focus on wired design lighting

From decorative accessories to prints and furniture, the linen trend is everywhere. But where we like it the most is on the lights! What is a wired light fixture? Why do we love him so much? How to adopt it according to your decor style? We answer all your questions!

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What is wired light?

As the name suggests, the wired light is a lampshade made from rigid or flexible wires. The welding and assembly technique gives the impression of a closed lampshade but it actually offers openwork type lighting, allowing light to pass through easily. Most of the time, it is made from metal because it is an easy material to modulate. That said, with the emergence of natural trends, we find more and more models in vegetable fibers such as bamboo, straw or rattan.

Why is it trendy?

Why is it trendy

Suspended, wall-mounted or as a table lamp… Wired lights are everywhere. The reasons of this success ? With its graphic and minimalist shapes, they are perfect for giving an airy style to our interior. But above all, they are great allies to warm up any atmosphere through delicious plays of light and shadow. As for shapes, there is something for everyone: miniatures in XXL versions, oval, round, square, asymmetrical or even cut in the form of a diamond …

Each style has its own type of wire luminaire!

Each style has its own type of wire luminaire

Wired lights were right for you and you want to adopt them in your interior? Discover the model that best matches your decor style depending on the material used for its making:

A wired wooden light: to give a tropical touch to your interior, choose an exotic wood species such as bamboo and for Scandinavian style interiors, set your sights on light wood.

A copper wire fixture: give a retro air to your interior by betting on a copper model. And to go further, consider using a filament led bulb!

A wired concrete luminaire: it is well known, atypical interiors with industrial decor always favor raw formwork materials. To adopt a wired loft type lighting, we did not find better than concrete as a finish!

A wired steel luminaire: to highlight a contemporary interior, bet on silver, black or white chrome steel or even aluminum. Prefer a model of imposing size to mark the spirits at first glance!

A brass wire fixture: if you’re more chic and elegant, fall for brass! A key material in the Art Deco style, brass reflects light. What make your interior shine…

A wired straw light: opt for an artisanal and hand-braided model for a chic hippie look. Better, accumulate the wired lightning in vegetable fibers for a mix and match specific to the relaxed character of the bohemian style.

Zoom on ... The Trend of Wired Lights

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